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To all of our Clients & Partners,


A new year is here and we are so excited to tell you about an important change at 514 Studios. As of January 11th, we are changing our name to The Neu Neu. The name change is a result of an extensive re-branding effort designed to reflect our fresh space that is representative of our artistic community and the history our building shares in the North Loop community.

Our name, The Neu Neu, conveys our sentiment of wanting celebrations in our venue to reflect what is fresh and NEW! So why are we re-branding? Why now? Over the past year, 514 Studios was purchased by the same team who created MAVEN, a leading event production company in Minneapolis. MAVEN is a dynamic, trendsetting company amidst an ever-changing events industry. The MAVEN team is filled with forward-thinkers and event rule breakers who bring that spirit to this re-imagined venue in the center of Minneapolis. We believe our new name effectively communicates where were we are going as a company.


Our event philosophy is rooted in the guest experience because we understand first impressions are everything and there are no “do-overs” — from a beautiful setting and exquisite cocktails, to delicious food, and gracious service. Above all else, we want this to be a memorable occasion for all of our clients which is why our team is here to serve with that goal in mind.

The Neu Neu will continue to embrace a customer first approach to every day operations. No business change or improvement happens overnight and we have been working tirelessly to find ways to create the best experience possible for our clients! So what's changed? Not much yet, since the official purchase in July 2018, we've freshened up the space with all new furniture, some custom built in pieces, new movable bars and a fresh coat of paint! It's a great time to host an event with us! Our primary focus is on supporting our clients’ needs. We want to express our expanded commitment to our clients and the community in the North Loop as we continue to bridge gaps while growing our resources and capabilities.


We want to close by thanking all of our partners, both clients and vendors, for their continued support. Without all of you, The Neu Neu would not be recognized as one of the freshest venues in Minneapolis. We look forward to working together with you all, to help put together outstanding events!

We’re excited about these changes and hope you are too!


Yours Sincerely,


Matt Bollis

Owner, The Neu Neu



Kelly Bollis

Owner & Creative Director, MAVEN

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